Professionelle Zahnreinigung Köln

Prophylaxis means prevention. Bend through regular prophylaxis before dental diseases. The attachment apparatus is strengthened by and it threatens significantly less tooth loss. You should come to see us regularly every 6 month regularly, for professional tooth cleaning - because then you did the best for a "more powerful bite tomorrow".

We clean your teeth and your gum more thoroughly than it can be done by you and your toothbrush. The interdental spaces and the gumline are places that you can reach even difficult with the use of dental floss. Furthermore, we also remove fixed tartar and polish your teeth, because on roughened teeth bacteria can stay more easily and that can lead to tooth decay. After the treatment you will have a long-lasting clean feeling in your mouth!

In addition we show you during prophylaxis session how to clean the most effective and gentle way for your teeth your teeth and your gum and how to prevent caries and periodontal disease (gum disease) best.


Dr. Patricia Walteros-Benz
Schillingsrotter Str. 23 A
50996 Köln Rodenkirchen

Phone: 0221 - 3 98 92 82

Opening times

All dates by arrangement only.

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