Wurzelbehandlung in Köln - Endodontie

The field of dentistry among other things deals with the dental nerve called endodontics. The most common intervention in the field of endodontics is the root canal.

A root canal is always necessary when a tooth root has ignited. The can occur, for example by untreated tooth decay, which has spread in the root canal. The result is an inflammation of the tooth nerve and correspondingly increasing toothache.

During a root canal pain first we give you a local anesthetic and then the cave in which the tooth nerve is will be opened with a drill. Then we will clean and supply antibiotics, since bacteria are the trigger of such inflammation. After the pulp cavity (the cavity of the tooth nerve) has calmed down by the antibiotic drug and is healed, it is closed again at a subsequent meeting. We try as much as possible to hold your own teeth!


Dr. Patricia Walteros-Benz
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