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"You have periodontal disease!" - This sentence was passed literally equated with imminent loss of teeth and aesthetically appealing little gums.

The periodontics has developed quite strongly in recent years. It deals with the periodontal apparatus, which consists of the bony cavities in the upper and lower jaws, the gums, the periodontal ligament and cementum. The periodontal ligament is a fiber complex that holds the tooth in the jaw. The cementum covers the root, similar to the enamel of the tooth. If the periodontal ligaments damaged or diseased, there is a risk that the corresponding tooth fails. If left untreated, it remains not the loss of the tooth, also the bone goes back. Chronic periodontitis also affect the entire body, as the pathogen spread through the bloodstream in the body. Inflammation can occur.

Our aim is to preserve the periodontal ligaments healthy or heal, so your teeth will remain intact as long as possible and even your gums looks healthy, so you can smile again.

Have questions about periodontal disease treatment, do not hesitate to be fully informed on the next visit.


Dr. Patricia Walteros-Benz
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