Zahnärztliche Prothetik in Köln

Restorative metal-free prosthetics (fillings, ceramic inlays, crowns and bridges)

With caries a filling therapy is often necessary to obtain the affected tooth. Goal of dental treatment is to get out of your natural teeth as much as possible and as much as neccessary. First, the affected sections of the tooth will be carefully removed and the resulting wound in the tooth material, the dentin supplied. The filling is then introduced into the tooth so that it neither falls out and withstands the pressure on chewing, which are preferably affected by caries. Frequently plastic (or very rarely even amalgam) is used to the cavity to fill it perfectly.

Amalgam contains 50% mercury, therefore this filler is very controversial. If you have any questions regarding removal of amalgam, mercury excretion or cost amalgam restoration, we like to clarify! Amalgam corresponds, in addition to the possible side effects, no longer today's aesthetic demands.

Because of the possible side effects we do not use amalgam in our practice. Fillings are made of composite (plastic) or ceramic, called inlays. Inlays are produced individually. First an impression of the prepared tooth is taken then there will be an inlay prepared in the laboratory. In the meantime, you will receive a temporary filling, at the next meeting your inlay is inserted and your tooth looks as good as new again.

We like to clarify which restorative treatment will bring the best results for you. This depends on several factors - just contact us with any questions at.


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