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What happens when prosthetics are in question?

Part - or full prosthetics? Come and question us when most teeth can no longer be maintained. Prostheses are easily removed from the mouth and comfortable to wear. Prostheses should be cleaned several times a day to protect the oral mucosa otherwise bruising or inflammation might arise.
Bridges are exactly made as partial prosthetic to close major gaps in the row of your teeth. If several teeth needed to be replaced, a bridge is the alternative to implants, which allows the patient the maximum comfort and the most beautiful smile. The bridge is not removable and it is attached to the teeth or implants before and permanently. The bridge is cleaned daily by brushing the teeth. Under the bridge you can prevent bacterias with dental floss. Prophylaxis is clarified on how to clean your bridge best. The bridge does not lie directly on the oral mucosa so there is no pressure on the jaw bone, thus you can eat with a bridge as good as with your natural teeth. A crown is a tooth which only could be partially preserved and made functional again with an artificial crowning. It is finished by our dental technician from your jaw impression, just from the impression of the prepared residual tooth artificial. Tooth crown made of ceramic or sometimes of rare metal (gold). The ceramic crown looks like your tooth and you can bite powerful again!

Crowns, bridges and prosthetics - part of the dentures. Prosthetics are only needed when a tooth can not be maintained.

Prostheses must, like bridges and crowns, be made extremely accurate, to give you complete comfort in every aspect -  also aesthetic aspects. Our experienced professionals are working reliably and accurately in the lab and help you with any problem. They come into our practice and we help on the spot, so you can keep your smile!

Do you have further questions about crowns, bridges or prosthetic, do not hesitate to contact us!
We are happy to help!


Dr. Patricia Walteros-Benz
Schillingsrotter Str. 23 A
50996 Köln Rodenkirchen

Phone: 0221 - 3 98 92 82

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