Esthetic dentistry includes not only the professional tooth cleaning but also whiten teeth by whitening or veneers.

Veneers: are wafer-thin veneers! They provide an optimal bite. Veneers are used in slightly crooked or too short teeth, just with smaller gaps in between teeth. The teeth are covered with very thin ceramic veneers that are glued to the surface of natural teeth. The veneers remain in good care, even after many years still impeccably nice and give you a perfect look of your teeth. Compensate for tooth gentle method to small bumps and achieve a flawless smile.

Bleaching: Bleaching is referred to as the whitening of natural teeth. This is done by applying a whitening agent to the tooth, wherein the gum is protected by a suitable cover. In the dental practice only one session is needed. If required, home bleaching systems can be used where you apply the comfort of your home Whitening gel five to ten times with a splint on your teeth. The whitening gel you put on at home works best overnight - accurate information can be obtained in practice.
White teeth give you an even more attractive and youthfulness Look!

Our service: Even if you want to use over the counter bleaches, talk to us so that we can tell you about  possible risks and side effects, as well as to indicate the chances of success.

We will advise you about the right system for you to lighten your teeth - talk to us!


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